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    • Great guide and i love the system you used to make is easy for newcomers!
    • Good job Marijuana!! What a good thread to be made.                                          -Twisted
    •   HERBLORE 1-99 
        Level 3: Guam Leaf & Eye of newt & vial of water = Attack Potion
      Level 5:  Marrentill & Ground unicorn horn & vial of water = Anti-Poison Potion

      Level 12: Tarromin & Limpwurt Root & vial of water = Strength Potion 

      Level 22: Harralander & Red spiders' eggs = Stat Restore Potion

      Level 38: Ranarr & Snape grass & vial of water = Prayer Potion 

      Level 45: Irit & Eye of newt & vial of water = Super Attack Potion 

      Level 52: Avantoe & Mort myre fungi & vial of water = Super Energy Potion 

      Level 55: Kwaurm & Limpwurt root & vial of water = Super Strength Potion

      Level 63: Snapdragon & Red spiders' eggs& vial of water = Super Restore Potion

      Level 66: Cadantine & White Berries & vial of water = Super Defense Potion 

      Level 72: Dwarf Weed & Wine of zamorak & vial of water = Ranging Potion

      Level 76: Lantadyme & Potato cactus & vial of water = Magic Potion

      Level 81 Toadflax & Crushed birdnest & vial of water = Saradomin Brew

      The shops can be find in home at herblore secondaries. 

        How do I creation a potion?

      In order to creation a potion, you must first clean the herb, Simply click on the herb to clean it. 
        Next you must use the herb on a vial of water to make a (HERB) UNF. Unf = unfinished, which means you need to add the final ingredient.
        The final step is using the final ingredient, Simply click on the UNF Potion and the final ingredient, and boom.. you have created your first potion!



    • Hello hello! If you're here, like many others, you've decided to jump into Thieving to get some money together for the journey ahead of you. This is a great way to start your game off, to avoid the pesky grind of gathering your supplies ( potions, food, etc ). To begin, let's decide how you would like to train. You can train at the home stalls to instantly receive money from stalls,  or you can travel to Ardougne via your spellbook to steal from stalls, these give more experience and an item you sell to Sigmund just North of the center. 
      Stalls at Home, Crafting Stall- 2k Gold, 1-25, Food Stall- 3k Gold, 25-50, General Stall- 5k Gold, 50-60, Magic Stall- 6k Gold, 60-75, Scimitar Stall- 9k Gold, 75-99.   Stalls at Ardougne, Baker's Stall- 2250 gp, 1-20, Silk Stall- 3187 gp, 20-35, Fur Stall- 3900 gp, 35-50, Silver Stall- 4875 gp,  50-65, Spice Stall- 5625 gp, 65-75, Gem Stall- 6937 gp, 75-99.   It should be noted that the stalls located in Ardougne can also be located in the Skillers Zone, which you can get to via a Skilling Zone Pass obtained in the Vote Shop.

      Thank you for reading :)!